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Entertainment Law Handbook

Richard Verow, Nick Kanaar, Estelle Overs and Vincent Scheurer
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This authoritative book covers the underlying contractual and copyright issues that affect all aspects of entertainment law as well as analysing the areas of music, film and TV, and computer games in depth.

Written by a team of experts in the field, the book provides discussion of key issues in entertainment law including:

  • contractual and IP issues in entertainment agreements
  • mobile content
  • personality rights
  • moral rights.

The text offers core documents and precedents relating to key areas of the entertainment industry including:

  • a recording agreement
  • a co-production agreement
  • an Interactive Entertainment Works: Model Publishing and Developing Contract.

Available within the book itself and on the accompanying CD, these documents are organised by specialist area to enable quick access and easy customisation.


  1. Part 1. General:
  2. 1. Commercial contracts
  3. 2. Copyright
  4. 3. Moral rights
  5. 4. Rights in performances
  6. 5. Trade marks and passing off.
  8. Part 2. Music:
  9. 6. The music business
  10. 7. Management agreements
  11. 8. Recording contracts
  12. 9. Music publishing.
  14. Part 3. Film and Television:
  15. 10. Introduction and pre-production
  16. 11. Rights and content clearance
  17. 12. Finance and production
  18. 13. Distribution and exploitation.
  20. Part 4. Computer Games:
  21. 14. An overview
  22. 15. Commissioning and publishing
  23. 16. Distribution
  24. 17. Acquiring rights from third parties.
  26. Appendices.

About the Author

Richard Verow is a solicitor with experience of the sport, media and entertainment industries. He is currently Head of Legal & Business Affairs for the International Cricket Council. Nick Kanaar is a partner at Collyer Bristow where his practice, whilst specialised within the entertainment industry, has a wide commercial spread and his expertise is in the area of the transactional making of contracts and the contentious variation of them. Estelle Overs is a barrister and attorney (California) specialising in film and television production and distribution. After practising for several years at the Bar she is now based in-house at one of the UK's leading film distribution and sales agent companies. Vincent Scheurer qualified as a barrister in 1994 and has practised law in the video games industry since 1997. He set up Sarassin LLP, a legal consultancy specialising in video game contracts, in 2004.




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Hardback + CD
416 Pages