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Insolvency Law Handbook

3rd Edition
Vernon Dennis
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The Insolvency Law Handbook provides an accessible and comprehensive guide to the insolvency law landscape.

This third edition includes new sections on Debt Relief Orders and changes to Individual Voluntary Arrangements that have fundamentally altered the approach to personal insolvency. In light of the return of use of receivership as a regularly used method of enforcement this topic is given greater prominence, as are developments in cross border restructuring and insolvency and the use of the Company Voluntary Arrangement as a means of corporate reconstruction. Case law on liquidation and administration expenses and the process and procedure for an out of court administration appointment is fully explored.

The book is thorough and practical, offering:

  • coverage of both corporate and personal insolvency
  • consideration of the options available and key decisions that need to be made from the differing perspective of both debtor and creditor when facing any insolvency situation
  • a step by step guide through each of the main insolvency processes
  • checklists, flowcharts and specimen forms.


  1. 1. Preliminary considerations
  3. Part 1 - Pre-commencement considerations:
  4. 2. Advising a personal debtor
  5. 3. Advising a corporate debtor
  6. 4. Advising a creditor in the case of an insolvent personal debtor
  7. 5. Advising a creditor in the case of an insolvent corporate debtor
  9. Part 2 - The insolvency process:
  10. 6. The bankruptcy process
  11. 7. The administration process
  12. 8. The receivership process
  13. 9. The liquidation process
  15. Part 3 - Post-commencement considerations:
  16. 10. The debtor's position during the personal insolvency process
  17. 11. The debtor's position during the corporate insolvency process
  18. 12. The creditor's position during the personal insolvency process
  19. 13. The creditor's position during the corporate insolvency process
  20. 14. The future of insolvency law and practice.

About the Author

Vernon Dennis is a partner at HowardKennedyFsi where he is head of Corporate Restructuring. He has over 20 years’ experience in both contentious and non-contentious insolvency law and practice, is a fellow of R3 (the Association of Business Recovery Professionals) and a member of the Turnaround Management Association.




Consumer issues, debt and insolvency




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