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Lexcel Assessment Guide

Excellence in Legal Practice Management and Client Care, Version 6
The Law Society
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The Lexcel Assessment Guide v6 is an invaluable tool for all legal practices completing the accreditation.

Lexcel is the Law Society's practice management standard designed for the legal sector. Lexcel accredited practices undergo rigorous independent assessment to ensure they meet required standards of excellence in areas such as client care, case management and risk management.

This guide is an essential resource that will help practices to understand the requirements for attaining and retaining accreditation under the revised standard.

It is designed to be practical and accessible and offers specific advice for sole practitioners, small and medium firms, large firms and includes the requirements needed for in-house legal departments to gain accreditation.

The Lexcel Assessment Guide v6 will also help you identify and develop key management areas to support the improvement of your practice's efficiency and profitability. Legal practices - accredited or not - can use Lexcel's approach to achieve greater cost efficiencies, reductions in risk and client service excellence.

This title also includes the full text of the Lexcel v6 Standard for legal practices and in-house legal departments.


  1. Part I: Standard for Legal Practices:
  2. Introduction
  3. The Lexcel Standard for legal practices
  4. 1. Structure and strategy
  5. 2. Financial management
  6. 3. Information management
  7. 4. People management
  8. 5. Risk management
  9. 6. Client care
  10. 7. File and case management
  12. Assessment criteria
  13. 1. Structure and strategy
  14. 2. Financial management
  15. 3. Information management
  16. 4. People management
  17. 5. Risk management
  18. 6. Client care
  19. 7. File and case management.
  21. Part II: Standard for in-house legal departments:
  22. Introduction
  23. The Lexcel Standard for in-house legal departments
  24. 1. Structure and strategy
  25. 2. Financial management
  26. 3. Information management
  27. 4. People management
  28. 5. Risk management
  29. 6. Client care
  30. 7. File and case management
  32. Assessment criteria
  33. 1. Structure and strategy
  34. 2. Financial management
  35. 3. Information management
  36. 4. People management
  37. 5. Risk management
  38. 6. Client care
  39. 7. File and case management.




Practice management


April 2015


Law Society




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