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Lexcel Client Care Toolkit

3rd Edition
Vicky Ling and Fiona Westwood
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Save time and money by creating your own client care policies using the templates in this invaluable toolkit. They offer a fast and straightforward way to draw up bespoke policies tailored to your firm's needs.

The Lexcel Client Care Toolkit contains a range of template client care policies to help you achieve best practice (with or without Lexcel accreditation). It includes:

  • a completely revised and expanded chapter on delivering and improving client care
  • revised client care standard letter paragraphs for conveyancing, employment, litigation and family
  • a new chapter on SRA and Lexcel 6 compliance
  • new sections on equality and diversity and a checklist for delivering accessible services
  • a new chapter on SRA competences for client care.

In addition, the book includes new information on how to manage client services, processes and compliance with practical checklists and suggested standard paragraphs, as well as guidance on how to create a culture to improve client relationships in both the short and long term.

All of the documents are provided on the book's accompanying CD, enabling you to customise them as needed.


  1. 1.Introduction: delivering and improving client care
  2. Annex 1A. Client care policy
  3. Annex 1B. Cost update letter
  4. Annex 1C. Client satisfaction survey
  5. Annex 1D. Client review checklist
  6. 2.Compliance, SRA and Lexcel
  7. Annex 2A. Consumer Contracts information about the exercise of the right to cancel
  8. Annex 2B. Consumer contracts cancellation form
  9. Annex 2C. Law Society Equality and Diversity Standards and Toolkit
  10. Annex 2D. Issues to consider in relation to equality and diversity
  11. 3.Competence
  12. Annex 3A .SRA example development plan
  13. Annex 3B .SRA example development record
  14. 4.Complaints: avoiding and handling
  15. Annex 4A. Complaints clause for client care letter
  16. Annex 4B. Initial risk assessment checklist/ notification form
  17. Annex 4C. Complaints response letter
  18. 5.Client care letter - conveyancing
  19. 6.Client care letter - employment
  20. 7.Client care letter-family
  21. 8.Closing letter
  22. 9.Change of matter handler letter
  23. 10.Cost update letter
  24. 11.Terms of business for conveyancing
  25. 12.Terms of business for litigation
  26. Appendix A. Lexcel v6 case management checklist
  27. Appendix B. Lexcel v6 self-assessment checklist.

About the Author

Vicky Ling is a chartered quality professional and management consultant. She has worked in the voluntary sector, for local government and the Legal Aid Board. Vicky has been involved with Citizens Advice for over 25 years as a specialist caseworker, mana




Practice management


October 2015


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Paperback + CD
120 Pages