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Lexcel Information Management Toolkit

2nd Edition
The Law Society
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Information management is central to the running of any successful practice. This toolkit helps you to achieve best practice in information management. It is in line with 'Information Management' (section 4) of Lexcel standard v5 and is suitable for use by all legal practices, including those that are not Lexcel accredited.

This practical toolkit includes template documents for information management, email, website management and internet access policy, which are included on the accompanying CD for easy customisation to suit your own practice.

The second edition includes:

  • a new policy on social media
  • a detailed website management policy
  • coverage of cloud computing
  • guidance on mobile devices.


  1. Part 1: Information management policies:
  2. 1. The nature of information management
  3. 2. Identifying information assets
  4. 3. The risks of information assets
  5. 4. Training
  6. 5. Responsibility and annual review
  8. Part 2: Email, website management and Internet access policies:
  9. 6. Control mechanisms
  10. 7. Email policies
  11. 8. Website management and Internet access policies
  12. 9. Social media policy.




Practice management


December 2013


Law Society




Paperback + CD
80 Pages