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Lexcel People Management Toolkit

2nd Edition
The Law Society
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Having the appropriate people management policies and procedures in place makes a real difference to the effectiveness and efficiency of your staff recruitment and retention. It is extremely important for both your employees’ development and the management of staff departures.

Lexcel People Management Toolkit, 2nd edition is the essential guide to this area and has been fully updated to Lexcel Version 6. This edition:

  • contains an assimilation of the 2011 Code of Conduct
  • reflects the changes as a result of policy and case law
  • includes a new section on health and safety
  • incorporates a new section on temporary workers.

This practical toolkit contains templates to help you with staff planning in line with your business needs and will help you to achieve best practice, with or without full Lexcel accreditation.

All of the documents, which can be easily adapted for your own use, are provided on the book's accompanying CD.


  1. 1. Planning
  2. 2. Learning and development plan
  3. 3. Person specifications and job descriptions
  4. 4. Recruitment and selection
  5. 5. Induction
  6. 6. Health and safety
  7. 7. Exit interviews and leavers
  8. 8. Learning and development policy
  9. 9. Performance reviews
  10. 10. Temporary workers
  12. Appendices:
  13. 1. People Planning
  14. 2. Labour turnover and retention analysis
  15. 3. Learning and development policy and plan
  16. 4. Training request form
  17. 5. Training evaluation form
  18. 6. Personal development plan
  19. 7. Person specification
  20. 8A. Job description
  21. 8B. Example job description (Partner/Head of Legal)
  22. 8C. Example job description (Legal Secretary)
  23. 8D. Example job description (Solicitor)
  24. 9. Induction policy and checklist
  25. 10. Terms and conditions of employment
  26. 11. Health and safety checklist.




Practice management


September 2015


Law Society




Paperback + CD
64 Pages