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Licensing Law Handbook

A Practical Guide to Liquor and Entertainment Licensing, 2nd Edition
Russell Hewitson
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The Licensing Law Handbook safely guides practitioners through practical aspects including:

  • applications for authorisation
  • operating schedules
  • objections to authorisation
  • the offences, closure powers and appeals.

The second edition of this popular guide to licensing law and practice takes account of changes since the Licensing Act 2003 and brought about by the:

  • Live Music Act 2012
  • Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011
  • Mandatory Licensing Conditions Order 2010
  • Police and Crime Act 2009.


1. Introduction  2. Licensing authorities  3. Licensable activities  4. Regulated entertainment  5. Late night refreshment  6. Personal licences  7. Premises licences  8. The operating schedule  9. Designated premises supervisor  10. Relevant representations  11. Conditions  12. Interim authorities  13. Provisional statements  14. Variations of premises licences  15. Review of premises licences  16. Transfer of premises licences  17. Clubs  18. Variation of a club premises certificate  19. Review of a club premises certificate  20. Permitted temporary activities  21. Offences  22. Offences involving children  23. Early morning alcohol restriction orders  24. Closure of premises  25. Hearings  26. Appeals  28. Appendices. 

About the Author

Russell Hewitson is a solicitor who worked in private practice specialising in commercial and residential property and licensing law matters before joining Northumbria University, where he is currently a principal lecturer in law.

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