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Niche Marketing for the Legal Sector

Identifying and Targeting your Client Base
David Monk
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A niche approach to developing a client base can benefit any law firm, from large practices with many departments to sole practitioners seeking to maximise the benefits they can derive from their resources.

Niche Marketing for the Legal Sector covers a range of techniques, all of which can help law firms develop a clear targeted plan for growth, more efficient focusing of resources and more effective promotional campaigns.

This special report breaks down the widest segments of private and commercial clients. It expands the way in which the market can be looked at and divided in different ways such as by geography, age and gender, etc. and specific product niches such as intellectual property rights or immigration appeals.

Written with busy solicitors in mind, this practical guide provides:

  • clear summaries of each chapter's key points
  • real-life examples
  • suggested actions for adapting techniques to suit individual firms
  • sample forms to simplify the assessment of a firm's marketing needs.

Niche Marketing for the Legal Sector will benefit any firm looking for a better understanding of marketing and how the niche approach can help them flourish in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


  1. Chapter 1. The way things were
  2. Chapter 2. What is a niche and what is a segment?
  3. Chapter 3. The BIG approach
  4. Chapter 4. The market segment
  5. Chapter 5. The product niche
  6. Chapter 6. The market niche
  7. Chapter 7. The niche tightens
  8. Chapter 8. The profile niche
  9. Chapter 9. Preparing for an approach
  10. Chapter 10. Selling into niche markets
  11. Chapter 11. Some niche player case histories
  12. Chapter 12. Developing your own niche marketing plan.

About the Author

David Monk, CIM, is one of the directors of Marketlaw Ltd and has over 20 years’ marketing and practice development experience with solicitors’ firms.




Practice management


July 2015


Law Society




128 Pages