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Renewal of Business Tenancies

2nd Edition
Michael Haley
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The renewal of business tenancies is subject to compliance with strict legal requirements including technical statutory procedures, time-limits, and the service of prescribed notices and forms. In this book, Michael Haley unravels the complexity of the legal requirements with:

  • an explanation of the provisions for contracting out
  • a clear statement of the rights and obligations of the parties
  • guidance on the intricacies and pitfalls of the renewal procedure
  • consideration of the interim rent scheme
  • an account of the discretionary and mandatory grounds of opposition.

The second edition includes commentary on developments brought about by case law since first publication in 2006.

The authoritative guidance is supplemented by an appendix containing key extracts from the legislation and reproduction of prescribed forms and notices.


  1. 1. Past and present
  2. 2. Statutory scheme
  3. 3. Scope of the Act;
  4. 4. Landlord's section 25 notice
  5. 5. Tenant's rights: Requesting a new tenancy and compensation;
  6. 6. Applications to court
  7. 7. Interim rent
  8. 8. Discretionary grounds of opposition
  9. 9. Mandatory grounds of opposition
  10. 10. New lease
  11. 11. Appendix.

About the Author

Michael Haley is a solicitor and professor of property law at Keele University, where he teaches land law and business leases. Michael is also the digest editor of the Planning, Property and Compensation Reports.




Property and conveyancing


March 2013


Law Society




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