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Residential Conveyancing Practice

A Guide for Support Staff and Paralegals
Russell Hewitson
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This crucial training manual gives support staff and paralegals a deeper understanding of the legal principles, regulations and good practice underlying residential conveyancing procedures and a sound grasp of the risks associated with their work.

In this book, transactions of leasehold and freehold titles are illuminated by clear and concise guidance from a leading academic lawyer with over 25 years of experience teaching conveyancing to students and practitioners.

The most important risks and practice points are highlighted through:

  • examples drawn from practice
  • legal concept boxes
  • best practice hints and tips
  • warnings of pitfalls.

Aligned to the requirements of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Protocol, this book provides law firms and their staff with an invaluable aid to training, risk management and improving standards of competency and compliance.


To firms, I say this book is an excellent investment for your junior team members. To support staff (and indeed law students with an interest in property), this book should probably already be on your desk.'

Joshua Pugsley, Farrer & Co


  1. 1. Introduction to conveyancing
  2. 2. Land registration
  3. 3. Preliminary matters
  4. 4. Drafting the contract
  5. 5. Pre-contract enquiries and searches
  6. 6. Planning considerations
  7. 7. Investigating title
  8. 8. Mortgages
  9. 9. Exchange of contracts
  10. 10. Pre-completion
  11. 11. Completion
  12. 12. Post-completion
  13. 13. Remedies
  14. 14. New properties
  15. 15. The grant of a lease.
  17. Appendices:
  18. A. Standard Conditions of Sale (fifth edition)
  19. B. Law Society Conveyancing Protocol.

About the Author

Russell Hewitson is an associate professor at Northumbria University. Russell qualified as a solicitor in 1988 and practised with Ward Hadaway before joining Northumbria University. In 1992, where he has taught and researched conveyancing law and practice.




Property and conveyancing


October 2017


Law Society




280 Pages