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Setting Up and Managing a Legal Practice

4th Edition
Martin Smith
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This bestselling guide is for solicitors considering starting a small practice and those already running a practice and looking for ways of improving performance. The first part of the book deals with starting up in business, from deciding the legal constitution of the practice to finance and advertising. The second part covers the ongoing management of the practice, including a dedicated chapter on marketing and how to manage the growth of the firm. This edition contains a new chapter on exit strategies and also contains a specimen contract of sale. The appendices are reproduced on the accompanying CD. These include specimen documents for easy and fast customisation, saving you time and money.


  1. Part 1 - Setting up your practice:
  2. 1. Setting up - the first steps
  3. 2. Where to locate
  4. 3. Finance
  5. 4. Professional indemnity cover and insurance
  6. 5. Tools of the trade
  7. 6. Advertising
  8. 7. Putting in systems
  9. 8. VAT and tax considerations
  10. 9. Starting to trade
  11. 10. Holidays and staffing requirements
  12. 11. Developing management skills
  13. 12. Regulatory bodies and legislation
  15. Part 2 - Keeping going: How to manage the small practice:
  16. 13. Periodic reviews
  17. 14. Cornerstones for future success
  18. 15. Preventative medicine
  19. 16. How to structure the firm?
  20. 17. Managing growth
  21. 18. Recruiting and retraining staff and avoiding problems
  22. 19. Marketing your practice
  23. 20. Exit strategies
  24. 21. Good luck!
  25. Appendices.

About the Author

Martin Smith set up his own practice, Martin Smith & Co, in 1988. He has handled many high profile cases and appeared on radio and television many times.




Practice management


June 2012


Law Society




Paperback + CD
356 Pages