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Criminal Defence

Good Practice in the Criminal Courts, 4th Edition
Roger Ede and Anthony Edwards
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Criminal Defence offers a step-by-step guide to practice and procedure in all of the criminal courts.

It covers the role of the defence solicitor in detail, from shaping a case at the police station, to preparing for trial and finally action after acquittal or conviction and sentence. It also contains specific chapters on youths and clients at a disadvantage.

This book is a best practice guide to being a criminal solicitor and complements the goals of the Law Society's Criminal Law Accreditation Scheme.


A really practical, helpful and comprehensive guide to good practice in the Criminal courts.

Bill Waddington, Chair of CLSA, December 2017

"...this is the book that you can have in your office and your bag to check anything that comes up, whenever or wherever you are."

Daniel Bunting, UK Criminal Law Blog


  1. 1. The defence solicitor
  2. 2. Legal and professional duties
  3. 3. Obtaining core information for the file
  4. 4. Maintaining file quality
  5. 5. Managing the case
  6. 6. Shaping the case in the police station
  7. 7. Funding the case
  8. 8. The defendant in custody
  9. 9. Advising your client to plead guilty or not guilty; and on likely sentences if convicted
  10. 10. Choosing a place of trial
  11. 11. Preparing for sentence: plea of guilty or conviction
  12. 12. Directions and case management for trial: special measures, bad character and hearsay
  13. 13. Preparing for trial: analysing witness testimony and obtaining disclosure
  14. 14. Preparing for trial: gathering evidence and analysing physical material
  15. 15. Preparing for a Crown Court trial: process issues
  16. 16. Youths
  17. 17. Clients at a disadvantage
  18. 18. Action after acquittal or conviction and sentence
  19. Appendices.

About the Author

Roger Ede was formerly the secretary to the Law Society's Criminal Committee and is now a District Judge (magistrates' courts) in Sussex. Anthony Edwards is the senior partner in a leading criminal practice, TV Edwards, and is an established author, lecturer and trainer. He is a member of the Sentencing Guidelines Council.






July 2017


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