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Litigation Handbook

Practice and Procedure in the Business and Property Courts, 1st edition
Adam Chaffer
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The Litigation Handbook is a practical guide to taking a dispute through the courts of England and Wales with a specific focus on the Business and Property Courts from the pre-action stage to resolution, either by trial or settlement using an alternative dispute resolution method.

The book is a valuable guide to the process, application and interpretation of the civil procedure rules. Split into three parts it sets out a framework of the civil justice system; the key stages of civil procedure and common interim applications.

The Litigation Handbook provides:

  • step-by-step guidance on completing the essential forms
  • help with understanding the procedures
  • practical tips for dealing with each stage of the litigation process
  • clear references to the Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Directions
  • analysis of key cases impacting the litigation process.

This comprehensive handbook provides an up-to-date guide for all practitioners enabling them to cross-check key procedural points quickly and easily.


  1. Part A – The Framework of the Civil Justice System; 1. Civil Justice System; 2. Civil Justice System; Part B – Stages of Civil Procedure; 3. Pre-Action Conduct; 4. Issuing & Serving a Claim; 5. Responding to a Claim; 6. Statements of Case; 7. Allocation and Case Management; 8. Disclosure & Inspection; 9. Witness & Expert Evidence; 10. Trials, Judgment and Orders; 11. Appeals; 12. Settlement Mechanisms; Part C – Common Interim Applications in Civil Procedure; 13. Interim Applications; 14. Strike Out & Default Judgment; 15. Relief from Sanctions; 16. Summary Judgment; 17. Pre-Action Disclosure and Non-Party Disclosure; 18. Interim Applications involving Disclosure and Inspection; 19. Interim Injunctive Applications.

About the Author

Adam Chaffer is a solicitor advocate in Newcastle upon Tyne. He practises in a range commercial disputes including contract disputes, breach of confidence claims, misrepresentation, shareholder and partnership disputes, guarantor disputes and property disputes relating to boundaries and claims for nuisance. Adam is a regular contributor to the Company Lawyer Journal and the Construction Law Journal.




Dispute resolution


July 2021


The Law Society


978 1 78446 146 1


400 Pages