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Smarter Legal Marketing

Practical Strategies for the Busy Lawyer
Rachel Brushfield
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This practical book shares insights, smart strategies and tips to help you to market yourself and maximise your chances of career success.

It provides step-by-step guidance to help you to understand and overcome any misperceptions about marketing, manage your time to fit marketing into your busy schedule, understand and build your personal brand, and achieve excellent results. The book covers:

  • what marketing is
  • why it is essential to put yourself in your clients’ shoes
  • the importance of having a personal brand
  • how to make networking work for you
  • what blocks lawyers have about marketing and how to overcome them
  • how to fit marketing into your hectic schedule, without ruining your work-life balance, and manage it expediently
  • how LinkedIn can help you to create visibility online and build your reputation
  • how content marketing fits with your overall marketing strategy and plan.

Written by an experienced mentor and coach, with in-depth knowledge and experience of the legal profession, this book is an essential read for fast changing times and more competition. It is designed to help you to develop the marketing skills, knowledge and practical ‘how-tos’ that lawyers need to master today more than ever before, whatever your level or specialism.


1. Marketing  2. Clients  3. Brand  4. Blocks about marketing  5. Networking  6. Time management  7. Social Media – LinkedIn  8. Content marketing. 

About the Author

Rachel Brushfield is The Talent Liberator and is the founder of Energise – The Talent Liberation Company. Rachel helps lawyers to overcome their actual and perceived blocks about marketing themselves to create/enhance professional and career success. She has over 30 years’ experience including 17 years’ focus on the legal profession. Her career heritage is in marketing and brand strategy and communications outside the law, so providing fresh insights and tools for lawyers.

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October 2018


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