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Contentious Trusts Handbook

Practice and Precedents, 1st edition
Carl Islam
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This practical, accessible and authoritative handbook covers all aspects of the law and practice relevant to trust disputes, including:

  • supervisory jurisdiction of the court;
  • powers of trustees;
  • duties of trustees;
  • breach;
  • third party liability;
  • claims;
  • equitable remedies;
  • equitable defences;
  • litigation;
  • costs; and
  • ADR and settlement.

This portable book also contains 20 precedents on the accompanying CD-ROM and practice notes covering:

  • art and heritage assets – duties of trustees, by Pandora Mather-Lees, art historian;
  • trust litigation in the Cayman Islands, by Hector Robinson QC, Mourant; and
  • a mediator’s view, by Anthony Trace QC, 4 Pump Court.


(This book) gives the reader what they need to know when arguing – or defending – a contentious case. Overall, the book admirably meets the authors aims. It fills a clear need for a simple guide to the principles and conduct of trust litigation and should be a welcome addition to all practitioners’ libraries.

Richard Dew, Barrister, Ten Old Square.

Carl Islam has an impressive set of credentials and has much experience in advising on all aspects of contentious trusts. In his work Contentious Trusts Handbook, he has produced a practical reference guide for practitioners, enabling them to undertake litigation in this complex and specialist area of law. As a practical and comprehensive reference work for busy practitioners, the author is to be commended.

Henry Frydenson LLB MBE TEP CTAPS


1. Introduction; 2. Supervisory Jurisdiction of the Court; 3. Powers of Trustees; 4. Duties of Trustees; 5. Breach; 6. Third Party Liability; 7. Claims; 8. Equitable Remedies; 9. Defences; 10. Litigation; 11. Costs; 12. ADR and Settlements; Appendices: Precedents. Notes. Bibliography. 

About the Author

Carl Islam is a barrister at 1 Essex Court who specialises in trust disputes. He is direct access qualified, licensed by the Bar Standard Board to conduct litigation, appears as an advocate in the Business and Property Courts and is also a non-practising solicitor, a TEP, a SCMA accredited mediation advocate and a member of the Chancery Bar Association. He is also the author of the Contentious Probate Handbook published by the Law Society.

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