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Divorce, Dissolution and Separation

David Burrows

This new book is a practical and up-to-date guide to the reforms and related issues arising from the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act in relation to marriage and civil partnership in England and Wales.

September 2022

ISBN: 9781784461492


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Inheritance Act Claims, 3rd edition

Miranda Allardice, Tracey Angus, Paul Hewitt and Penelope Reed

This updated edition provides guidance on how to conduct claims, the court’s approach, assessing quantum, the tax implications of orders and compromises, and the issues arising for will drafting.

May 2022

ISBN: 9781784461904


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Dealing with Digital Assets

Julie Bell

This book explains the practical and legal aspects of planning for and administering a digital estate.

May 2021

ISBN: 9781784461027


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Probate Practitioner’s Handbook

9th edition
Edited by Lesley King

The Probate Practitioner’s Handbook is a well-established and popular guide to good practice for solicitors’ firms that undertake probate and estate administration work. This new ninth edition has been comprehensively updated so you can advise your client with confidence.

February 2021

ISBN: 9781784461669


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Inheritance Tax Planning Handbook

General Editors: John Bunker and Anthony Nixon

The Inheritance Tax Planning Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the planning opportunities available to mitigate the inheritance tax payable, with the help of examples and practical tips.

December 2020

ISBN: 9781784461478


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Contentious Trusts Handbook

1st edition
Carl Islam

This practical, accessible and authoritative handbook covers all aspects of the law and practice relevant to trust disputes.

July 2020

ISBN: 9781784461249


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Varying the Disposition of an Estate after Death

Lesley King

Varying the Disposition of an Estate after Death provides invaluable help to those advising clients about the opportunities, implications and pitfalls of varying the disposition of estates using variations and disclaimers.

January 2020

ISBN: 9781784461416


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Lasting Powers of Attorney

4th edition
Craig Ward

The fourth edition of this practical guide to lasting powers of attorney has been updated and expanded to take account of recent developments in settled and developing areas of law affecting LPAs.

October 2019

ISBN: 9781784461393


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Elderly Client Handbook

6th Edition
General Editor: Caroline Bielanska

The Elderly Client Handbook will continue to be the essential source of practical advice and guidance for new and experienced practitioners.

October 2019

ISBN: 9781784461294


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Will Draftsman's Handbook

10th edition
Julie Bell

This popular book combines practical tools and expert guidance to assist practitioners with the preparation of wills for the most commonly encountered situations.

September 2019

ISBN: 9781784461348


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Trust Practitioner's Toolkit

Gill Steel

To facilitate effective trust management, this book contains useful checklists, records and forms and is designed as a companion to the popular Trust Practitioner's Handbook. This is an essential support tool which includes over 20 forms and checklists.

July 2018

ISBN: 9781784461218


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Trust Practitioner's Handbook

4th Edition
Gill Steel

Trusts can provide clients with solutions to a wide variety of objectives. This book gives you comprehensive guidance to help you to consider each client’s objectives, identify the applicable tax treatment, select the most appropriate trust, and create and

January 2018

ISBN: 9781784460839


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Contentious Probate Handbook

Carl Islam

This practical, accessible and authoritative handbook covers all aspects of the law and practice relevant to probate disputes.

October 2016

ISBN: 9781784460600


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Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme Toolkit

The Law Society

Adoption of core practice management standards, based on Lexcel, is a mandatory requirement for legal practices seeking accreditation under the Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme. This practical toolkit helps applicants to understand and comply with stand

October 2013

ISBN: 9781907698989


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Wills and Inheritance Protocol

The Law Society

The Wills and Inheritance Protocol sets out the Law Society’s preferred practice in will drafting, probate and estate administration and supports the provision of consistent and high quality services by legal practices.

September 2013

ISBN: 9781907698804