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Housing Law Handbook

A Practical Guide, 2nd edition
General Editor: Stephen Cottle
Availability: Forthcoming

The Housing Law Handbook will guide you through the minefield of different legislative regimes governing housing law.

This practical guide covers defending possession claims, obtaining remedies concerning housing conditions and unlawful eviction, homelessness, allocations and those not eligible for housing under the Housing Acts, as well as migrants’ access to housing.

This new edition includes all significant changes to the law since the last edition, so you can advise your client with confidence:

  • new legislation on Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Law, March 2019,
  • a comprehensive guide to possession proceedings, covering all types of tenancies and occupation rights, including mortgage repossessions, an overview of benefits for housing and rent arrears,
  • an explanation of the law governing housing conditions, and new legislation governing contractual remedies, fire safety precautions, licensing of HMO’s, unlawful evictions and criminal penalties for sub-letting,
  • a detailed account of homelessness rights, duties and powers and an explanation of the rules governing the allocation of social housing,
  • new sections on subletting and social housing fraud,
  • an explanation of the law where the immigration status of the person seeking accommodation precludes or restricts the provision of accommodation by a local housing authority but permits provision by a public authority under other legislation,
  • other routes into housing under the National Health Service Act 2006, Mental Health Act 1983, and Children Act 1989, and
  • An additional chapter containing top tips for arguing costs.


  1. 1. How to defend possession proceedings; 2. Assured shorthold tenancies; 3. Rent arrear possession claims; 4. Anti-social behaviour possession claims; 5. Unlawful subletting and parting with possession; 6. Succession; 7. Occupiers with no security of tenure; 8. Notices to quit requirements; 9. Benefits for housing; 10. Tenancy deposits; 11. Other means of enforcement against anti-social behaviour; 12. Warrant stage; 13. Hazardous housing conditions, contractual and other remedies; 14. Unlawful evictions; 15. Homelessness; 16. Allocation of social housing; 17. Housing outside of parts 6 and 7 of the Housing Act 1996; 18. Costs.

About the Author

Stephen Cottle is an expert in social housing law and has an established practice at Garden Court Chambers. The Garden Court Chambers housing team is ranked in Band 1 by Chambers & Partners for 2019.




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July 2020


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