Property and conveyancing

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Housing Law Handbook

2nd edition
General Editor: Stephen Cottle

The Housing Law Handbook will guide you through the minefield of different legislative regimes governing housing law.

April 2020

ISBN: 9781784461430


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Stamp Duty Land Tax Handbook

Sean Randall

This practical book has been written for residential property lawyers to enable them to understand better the stamp duty rules on residential property transactions. It is laid out in a logical order and contains helpful reference points making it particularly accessible to a non-tax professional. Key ‘takeaways’ are understood quickly. It is a helpful guide to reduce costs and protect damage to reputation.

April 2020

ISBN: 978 1 78446 108 9


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Conveyancing Handbook

26th Edition
General Editor: Frances Silverman, Consultant Editors: Russell Hewitson and Anne Rodell

This new edition of the Law Society's Conveyancing Handbook has been extensively updated to present the latest guidance on good practice in residential conveyancing and is a crucial resource for answering queries arising from day-to-day transactions.

September 2019

ISBN: 9781784461386


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Conveyancing Protocol

2019 Edition
The Law Society

This fully revised and updated version of the Law Society Conveyancing Protocol represents the Law Society’s preferred practice for conveyancing transactions of freehold and leasehold residential property.

September 2019

ISBN: 9781784461256


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Conveyancing Quality Scheme Toolkit

3rd Edition
The Law Society (Russell Hewitson and Sarah Dwight)

The Conveyancing Quality Scheme Toolkit is designed to help residential conveyancing practices to understand, implement and maintain the CQS protocol, and to comply with the core practice management standards that must be followed by all practices within the scheme.

June 2019

ISBN: 9781784461096


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Property Development

3rd Edition
Gavin Le Chat

Property Development explains all the issues arising from property development work and will guide lawyers, developers and landowners through the many pitfalls commonly encountered in practice.

March 2019

ISBN: 9781784460877


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Risk and Negligence in Property Transactions

Edited by John de Waal QC

Land law in England and Wales remains highly complex and contains many traps for the unwary. As well as covering routine matters such as investigation of title and pre-contract searches and enquiries, the book contains chapters on discrete issues such residential leasehold properties, planning and environmental law, and insolvency.

October 2018

ISBN: 9781784460983


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Conveyancing Checklists

3rd Edition
Frances Silverman and Russell Hewitson

Designed to take the stress out of conveyancing, this handy guide has been thoroughly updated to help save you and your practice time and money.

July 2018

ISBN: 9781784460686


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Residential Conveyancing Practice

Russell Hewitson

This crucial training manual gives support staff and paralegals a deeper understanding of the legal principles, regulations and good practice underlying residential conveyancing procedures and a sound grasp of the risks associated with their work.

October 2017

ISBN: 9781784460815


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Leasehold Enfranchisement and the Right to Manage

3rd Edition
Christopher Sykes

This popular book explains the rights of long leaseholders to acquire the freehold of their property, extend the term of their lease, and exercise their right to manage a property.

October 2016

ISBN: 9781784460518


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Enforcement and Debt Recovery

2nd Edition
Peter Levaggi, David Marsden, Peter Mooney

In the second edition of this popular book, highly respected practitioners with a wealth of experience in the enforcement industry set out a comprehensive review of the law of enforcement.

November 2014

ISBN: 9781784460068


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Renewal of Business Tenancies

2nd Edition
Michael Haley

The renewal of business tenancies is subject to compliance with strict legal requirements including technical statutory procedures, time-limits, and the service of prescribed notices and forms. In this book, Michael Haley unravels the complexity of the legal requirements.

March 2013

ISBN: 9781907698415