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Wills and Inheritance Protocol

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The Wills and Inheritance Protocol has been created by the Law Society to support the provision of will drafting, probate and estate administration services by its members. Adoption of the Protocol is also a requirement of membership of the Law Society's Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme. The Protocol aims to raise standards of client care and service by:

  • setting out 'preferred practice' in will drafting, probate and estate administration
  • improving communication between practices, clients and beneficiaries
  • increasing transparency and therefore understanding of the will drafting, probate and estate administration processes
  • encouraging practices to agree timescales and service levels with clients.

Adoption of the Protocol helps a legal practice to:

  • demonstrate its high standards of practice to clients and others
  • meet legal requirements
  • achieve and demonstrate compliance with outcomes-focused regulation
  • provide a consistent service
  • avoid issues that may lead to negligence claims.

This book contains the full text of the Protocol and an appendix with good practice guidance and relevant statutory extracts.


Law Society Wills and Inheritance Protocol  Appendix:  A. Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme Client Service Charter  B. Guidance  C. Statutory extracts. 

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