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Conveyancing Handbook (EPUB)

25th Edition
General Editor: Frances Silverman, Consultant Editors: Russell Hewitson and Anne Rodell

This 25th anniversary edition of the Law Society's Conveyancing Handbook has been extensively updated to present the latest guidance on good practice in residential conveyancing and is a crucial resource for answering queries arising from day-to-day transactions.

14 November 2018


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Probate Practitioner's Handbook (EPUB)

8th Edition
General Editor: Lesley King

The Probate Practitioner's Handbook is a well-established and popular guide to good practice for solicitors' firms that undertake probate and estate administration work.

01 June 2018


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The Solicitor's Handbook 2017 (EPUB)

Andrew Hopper QC and Gregory Treverton-Jones QC

The Solicitor's Handbook 2017 is a comprehensive yet user-friendly guide to the regulatory maze that governs the conduct of solicitors.

15 December 2016


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The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (EPUB)

Nigel West and Susanna Heley

This book provides a unique step-by-step guide to the law and practice of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, from the issue of proceedings through to appeal. Its practical approach will help anyone who wishes to avoid the common pitfalls faced by unfamiliar users of the Tribunal.

22 January 2016


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Assessment of Mental Capacity (EPUB)

4th Edition

Written by experts from a variety of disciplines, this book combines a precise statement of the law with a practical, jargon-free approach to provide guidelines on a range of issues, from capacity to form intimate personal relationships to capacity to consent to medical treatment.

09 December 2015


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Family Law Protocol (EPUB)

4th Edition
The Law Society

Developed by the Law Society in association with Resolution and other leading organisations, interest groups and figures in the field, this is the go-to text for family law practitioners.

09 December 2015


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Good Practice in Child Care Cases (EPUB)

3rd Edition
The Law Society

This book is a concise guide to best practice for solicitors acting in public law Children Act cases, whether they are acting for a local authority, a parent, or a child.

14 October 2015


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Mental Health Tribunals (EPUB)

Philip Fennell, Penny Letts and Jonathan Wilson

This practical book provides all professionals, particularly legal representatives, with an accessible guide to Mental Health Tribunals.

17 April 2013


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Knowledge Management Handbook (EPUB)

Hélène Russell

The Knowledge Management Handbook is a practical and user-friendly new book exploring all areas of knowledge management.

11 January 2013


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Leadership for Law Firms (EPUB)

Patricia Wheatley Burt

Leadership for Law Firms contains integrated research and anecdotal findings from over 70 interviews with Managing Partners, CEOs and other experts. The report offers practical guidance on the particular challenges faced by contemporary law firm leaders.

15 August 2011


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Privacy Law Handbook (EPUB)

Edited by Keith Mathieson

Written in a clear, concise and accessible style by a team of expert contributors from Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP, the Privacy Law Handbook brings together all aspects of privacy in a single volume.

15 August 2011