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Insolvency Law Handbook, 4th edition

Vernon Dennis

This latest edition of the Insolvency Law Handbook is essential for professionals called upon to advise debtors faced with personal or corporate insolvency, or their creditors.

April 2021

ISBN: 9781784461607


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Commercial Law Handbook

2nd edition
Edited by David Berry

This book examines the structure of the most commonly encountered transactions and provides a checklist of the terms that need to be included in the agreements and an analysis of the issues that need to be considered when drafting them.

August 2018

ISBN: 9781784461133


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Drafting Commercial Agreements

2nd edition
Stuart Cakebread and Juliette Levy

With its range of flexible and adaptable precedents, Drafting Commercial Agreements can help you to draw up agreements accurately and efficiently.

May 2018

ISBN: 9781784461119


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Execution of Documents

3rd Edition
Mark Anderson and Victor Warner

Incorrect execution can lead to documents being invalid or unenforceable. Ensure that you are following the correct procedures with Execution of Documents.

August 2015

ISBN: 9781907698965


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Drafting Confidentiality Agreements

3rd Edition
Mark Anderson and Victor Warner

This book gives practical assistance to everyone who needs to understand, negotiate or draft a confidentiality agreement.

September 2014

ISBN: 9781907698972


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Licensing Law Handbook

2nd Edition
Russell Hewitson

The Licensing Law Handbook safely guides practitioners through practical aspects including applications for authorisation, operating schedules, and objections to authorisation.

November 2013

ISBN: 9781907698170